A few essential tools to help you when you’re teleworking

Teleworking has now come into its own, not only affecting freelances and other independent workers, but now, with the lockdown, employees all over the world. Many people with office jobs are now working at least a couple of days every week at home.
As a lot of people are new to teleworking, we’ve come up with a selection of tools that will help you get used to it, keep track of your projects, boost productivity and communicate more easily with the people you work with.

Google drive

Google Drive probably needs no introduction and it’s also an excellent tool for hassle-free file transmission. In its free version, Google Drive offers 15 GB to every user. For a relatively modest sum, you can upgrade to 100 GB and there are various plans on offer for up to 30 TB. It’s easy to use, the filing system is simplicity itself and you can opt to share files with other users.


Trello is a fully-featured, intuitive online project management tool based on an advanced form of agile and kanban methodologies. With Trello, you create a board for any project, you give it a name and invite your team. You add lists of things to do, schedules, deadlines, information you need to organise, anything you want.
It’s a great tool for keeping track of the project, but it goes much further than that. Every member of the team can add something to a board in real time and it’s an ideal way of setting SMART objectives using the checklist function. You can display the various steps involved in a project and change their status to show their progress.


Wetransfer is a file transfer system allowing you to send up to 2 GB of files free of charge. It’s easy to use, with an intuitive interface and simple, well thought out features. You can send both files and folders with Wetransfer


Zoom, of course, has come into its own recently with the upsurge in videoconferencing. It’s also an extremely handy system, with seriously useful functions, which include:
– Meetings can be recorded and stored on your PC or on the Zoom cloud
– Chat, webinar and phone features
– Screen sharing
– Join from anywhere on any device
– Up to a thousand video participants
– HD video and audio calls
Zoom has the added advantage of taking up little bandwidth and offering excellent video quality.

Toggl plan

Toggl plan is an excellent complement to the above-mentioned task-management systems. It’s a visual project management tool which gives teams a visual overview of who’s doing what and what’s coming up next, over a week, a month a quarter and a year to see what’s really going on in the project. It’s also possible to seamlessly import Trello and iCal files, which makes it even more interesting. It can be used for free for up to 5 users.


Slack is another business communication platform which probably needs no introduction. It helps people work together intuitively, connecting their software tools and services, sharing documents, editing to-do lists and finding the information they need. It offers a range of features for helping your team boost their productivity:
– a single communication workspace shared by the whole team
– chat rooms organised by topic
– private groups
– videoconferencing
– easy file sharing
– private messaging


Dashlane is a management system for your passwords, personal information and payments. You can add, modify, delete or share data entered through the Web application or the Dashlane application