Anne-Sophie Tschiegg, an artist set free

Anne-Sophie Tschiegg at Friendly Agence

I don’t really know what I’m looking for, except the knowledge that I can lose myself in my work. I like attacking the beginning, when anything is possible.

It’s got difficult for me to look ahead to what and how I’ll be doing, there’s only a sensation of surprise when things begin to move forward. I can’t do what I’ve already managed to do. It’s an uncomfortable, imperious concept.


Anne-Sophie Tschiegg is an artist motivated by her desire to express the inexpressible. She gives free rein to herself for interpreting her emotions and feelings through flowers, landscapes and portraits, painted both figuratively and abstractly. This world she has adopted, with its whiff of insolence, has a stirring effect, with brisk interplay of shapes, colours and perspectives offering a modest barrier against the forces of darkness.

Under the surface, the muffled vital force, creating intense vibrations…

Her dreamlike pictorial waltz draws its inspiration from the light of Michaud, Munch, Mattisse and Rilke, which echoes throughout her work.

Her favourite quote is from Édouard Manet: I am influenced by everbody. But every time I put my hands in my pocket, I find someone else’s fingers there


An exhibition of Sophie’s paintings was held in the Friendly Agency in 2017