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Design of the brand platform and its identity for Caroline Van Maenen   and her new consulting activity in the hotel and restaurant industry: CVM 

Defining one’s territory of expression means relying on the excellence of one’s career, highlighting one’s precious advice and missions for a demanding sector during a societal revolution. It is to give any interlocutor of this company (recruiter or recruit) the possibility of being effectively immersed, from the first contact (business card, presentation, recruitment ad, audit support…) in this universe of excellence and to appropriate the codes of luxury, gastronomy, and refinement.

To embody its positioning, translate the promise of its new consulting activity and respond to the new challenges that the hospitality industry will face, Friendly Agence defined brand codes that reflect its ambition and are based on items such as distinction, elegance, sobriety, and femininity. A great collaboration! CvM Conseil optimizes processes, advises on management, assists in crisis situations, and resolves all kinds of problems. This is to meet all the challenges in the field, whether human or material. Combining skill and humanity, know-how and interpersonal skills, CvM Conseil’s aim today is to share its vast experience so that emerging talents can benefit from it and achieve success!