Escape game, for better internal communication

Team building is not just about making a cohesive workplace, it also means strengthening or creating genuine bonds between members of the team and boosting professional relationships. Teambuilding is a collection of stimulating and rewarding activities which emphasise the importance of enjoyment in learning. An escape game sets out to stimulate perseverance, discussion, organisation and stress management. It’s an original and fun way to build team spirit and help your employees bond while taking part in something which they certainly won’t forget in a hurry. An escape game is the perfect way to mix work and play while drawing out the human qualities of the people taking part. It’s a unique, outstanding experience which appeals to everyone!

What actually is an escape game?

Escape games made their first appearance in Japan in 2007. They feature an escape room and a team which has one hour to come up with a solution. An escape game can involve finding things, solving puzzles, opening locks and enjoying the unexpected within unusual, theme-related backdrops. It’s a unique, groundbreaking, amusing way of bonding for a workgroup in a seminar or in teambuilding training. The game sets out to bring everyone’s skills into play, using logic and communication with colleagues while keeping time-related stress at bay. Just like in a company, the deadline is a key part of the escape game – team members have to search for clues, sort out solutions and ultimately come up with a way to break out, or not, as the case may be!

Escape games have now become firm favourites with Human Resources

Managers and Human Resources soon learn to appreciate this type of teambuilding as the background it takes place in brings out the natural talents of the players and teaches their teams to act as the sum of complementary individuals. The escape game has become one of the most important levers in teambuilding, providing an immersive experience for everyone to use their skills to solve puzzles and ultimately to get out together, as a team. It’s not only genuinely enjoyable, but also a highly meaningful way of promoting cohesion within their company.

A wide range of offbeat or unusual themes

There are a lot of companies around France offering a considerable variety of escape games. What you have to do is to find out which of the games on offer is the one which will have an unforgettable teambuilding impact on your people. Take them off into Alice and her Wonderland or have them rob a virtual bank to get the thought processes working in new directions, while for those who aren’t easily scared, there’s even an escape game based on the “Saw” series of films or another on the outbreak of a killer virus. Ready to play?


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