ProntoPro interview: Communication, a subject for experts

Any company, whatever its size, needs to communicate, as it’s the only way it has for publicising its services and carving itself a niche in the market. The question is, though, how to communicate effectively. Being an expert in your sector doesn’t mean a thing when it comes to setting up impactful communication.

That’s the job that Mathieu Clavon’s company does. He set up his communication agency in 2013 and it now has 4 senior consultants and a salaried junior employee. Mathieu’s trademark approach is “telling true stories, forging strong bonds and working to make a brand stronger”.

What Mathieu prefers doing is working directly with people and experiencing their situation so he can come up with the best solutions for them. The way he works can be summed up in a few words: avoiding needless gimmicks and trickery and focusing all the signals on the core message.