Shapr: inspirational and relevant networking

Creating opportunities for meetings, exchanges, collaborations… as all professionals are aware of: networking is an incredibly important way of developing your business. However, we do not know how to go about it… Who to meet? How? Where? The concept of networking does not come naturally to us, yet it is the best way to meet professionals outside your own area of specialisation. This is why a French start-up developed the Shapr mobile application.

How does it work?

Founded in 2014 by Jonathan Rogez, Vincent Bodin, Thomas Bouttefort, Ludociv Huraux and Cyril Ferey, Shapr connects professionals according to their interests. Inspired by the success of Tinder, the app allows you to create opportunities to meet, learn, exchange and improve your skills. The Shapr mobile application sends you 10 to 15 profiles daily using a suggestion algorithm. In order to connect users, the app takes into account the geographical position, interests and professional experiences of users in order to propose profiles that may interest them. Based on the “swipe” principle (a sweeping action on touch screens), the professional swipes to the right on profiles that interest them and to the left on those that don’t. After several swipes, the algorithm saves the profiles that interest you, resulting in suggestions that become more relevant every day. In compliance with this concept of simplifying networking, registration can be carried out #simplement by clicking via LinkedIn Connect, which allows the most important information to be collected. Beyond this convenient feature, it is advisable to complete your profile. You can add up to ten professional interests (#communication, #webmarketing, #socialmedia etc.) and personal (#cooking, #gym, #travel etc.).

Who networks?

Shapr was quoted by several American and French newspapers as being the best solution for networking. Designed in a first mobile approach, 69% use the app to obtain ideas and inspiration, and 50% use it for mentoring. 41% of users are looking to co-build a project with competent professionals. The app now boasts 300,000 members with more than 50,000 users just in New York City, followed by the United Kingdom and France. In a working environment made up of numerous independents and entrepreneurs searching for collaboration and financing, the French mobile application is a good way to achieve your goals. Shapr is now enjoying great success. The app, available on IOS and Android, is the perfect free application for initiating professional encounters.


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