The art of the Vlog with Casey Neistat

While his name might not mean anything to you, Casey Neistat is one of the world’s best-known YouTubers. In the USA, he’s considered to be Mr YouTube for the Vlogs he publishes on his hectic life meeting celebrities, travelling to far-flung places and pondering on technology.

One of the main reasons for his success is his winning mentality. From living in a trailer park, he managed to build a whole empire based on his own personality. He set himself the target of filming something every day, which drives him to come up with the increasingly creative content which is his trademark.

In his “Do what you can’t” Vlog, sponsored by Samson for the launch of the Galaxy S4 8, Neistat explained his philosophy of life and shows us that you can do a whole load of fun things as long as you try to make your dreams come true.