SaaS, MaaS, uh… What ?

Do you know what a SaaS is or Software-as-a-Service is?



A Saas is a connected software that informs a whole chain of user at the same time, hosted and operated outside the organization or business by a third party.
Google docs is the best-know exemple.

Example : if the stock of the last Guillaume Musso is sold out in the locale bookstore, the bookseller, his client, the publishing house and Guillaume Musso himslef can be informed if they are connected in one way or another to a SaaS.
The goal is that at all levels of a structure, everyone knows where is a file.


So a MaaS, or Mobility as a Service, is a bit the same concept in the transportation sector.
To make it simple, the Navigo map gives access to various modes of transport in Paris, for example the bus, the metro, the RER and the tramway.




Basically, it’s a platform that allows you to start a search to find out which means of transport to use from point A to point B. Example: you want to go from Paris to Obernai, Alsace. Using this tool, you will learn what are the possibilities in terms of transport to get to the port: metro, bus, private taxi company, scooter, tram, scooters, cars for rent, vtc etc…

Basically what you should remember from the SaaS…

A SaaS application is cloud-based, the data is safely stored in the cloud, avoiding data loss in organizations. You just need a good Internet connection to connect to the software. Updates are automatically performed by the vendors, which saves time and allows us to access the latest software features directly. And since all software upgrades and maintenance are performed by vendors, companies do not need to use providers to solve their IT problems. The advantage of reduced costs is significant.

… And MaaS

The aim is to centralize all services of transport

in order to simplify alternatives to individual cars and to encourage the development of new mobilities such as bicycle, tramway and car sharing. You can store your tickets on your phone, which serves as an e-ticket, and also pay on a single centralized account, on a monthly basis or over the course of use, for all trips that are made. The risk is to have a “catch-all apps”. Like Swiss knives, they have limited efficiency and are quickly left in a drawer.

In the end, if you still haven’t understood anything, well … Good SaaS!

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