Why are people going crazy about TikTok?

TikTok was the 2nd ranked app for downloads in 2019 and its use has skyrocketed during the Covid-19 lockdowns. What is it that makes it so attractive?
If you’re targeting a young audience, TikTok is irreplaceable, with people spending an average of 48 minutes per day on it, which is somewhat special.


The 2 main social networks that have been dominating things during the Covid crisis are Instagram and TikTok. The pandemic also brought back the challenge trend, where people are tagged to carry out a specific challenge.
Examples include Baby Challenge, Gesture Challenge and the French PQ Challenge. The Invisible Challenge also briefly saw the light of day, until it got banned as people were showing inappropriate content, such as when dropping their pants.

While in France brands haven’t really got into the game, influencers and public figures such as Jean-Luc Reichmann and Squeezie have used the crisis to create their own TikTok accounts and get their creative talents to help them through the tedium of the period.
There have also been quite a number of YouTubers who have latched onto TikTok and we’ve also seen YouTubers who initially failed to understand the buzz around the app, but who have started to use the network to reach their target audience with a different approach.

Why does TikTok work?

Lockdown is something we’ve never experienced before and users started looking for a way to get some fun out of it. They go on to TikTok the first time just to try it out and get hooked on the enormous number of videos up for grabs.
One of the main strengths of the app is its algorithm, which always comes up with a new video that just about always matches the interests of the person using it.
With its short-video format, it’s virtually impossible to get bored watching them and the app has understood this surefire recipe to alert users:
– to rhythm
– to music
– to entertainment
– to videos going viral

With some 53 billion views on #Coronavirus and another 20 billion on #quarantine, network users have shown that their favourite way of fighting against the virus is laughing at it. Some of these videos show extraordinary imagination in the offbeat ways they portray the lockdown and help alleviate stress.
While Instagram is still considered to be a network where your image has to be carefully burnished, TikTok takes a much more carefree approach, where users aren’t afraid to show their real selves and to flaunt their differences. The TikTok community also tends to be somewhat less aggressive (although this needs to be taken a bit cautiously, as trolling is starting to rear its head there as well).

What will be the next top-ranking network?

TikTok’s explosive growth makes one think where on earth it’s going to stop. It’s a social network which needs to be used alongside other networks to have a broader audience for your content, as although Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook are certainly interesting, the aim of having different types of social networks is to be able to reach the target audience using the social network you’ve chosen. Each social network has its own DNA and its own character and features.
TikTok nowadays offers a wide range of services for advertisers and brands to create content, set up competitions, launch challenges or make partnerships with influential content creators. It’s also a great tool for companies who don’t want to feature on the web just yet as it means they can keep track of the latest trends their target audiences are hooking onto!
In the meantime, it’s well worth spending a bit of time, while you have it, to think up a strategy for using TikTok.


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